Pottery Praise

by Steve Bowler on March 28, 2008

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Every 3 months or so, Pottery Barn Kids releases a new catalog, showing off their poorly made and horribly overpriced wares for all of suburbia to drool over. And every 3 months, I typically see yet another pathetic attempt to grasp at the “gaming” zeitgeist by a bunch of ad/catalog people who evidently know nothing about gaming. Wait, did I just use the word zeitgeist???

At any rate, it’s typically of the epic fail variety. The last one they did of note was two kids, evidently playing the same game (which I think was Breakout or something equally ancient), one with an N64 controller in their hands, one with a Gamecube controller, and both of the cords were running beneath a PS2. No, seriously, it was that bad. I did not lie when I busted open that failboat label. I don’t know if they just didn’t care enough to try, or if the legal department said they had to mix things up so they didn’t look like they were sponsoring any one brand, or what.

So today comes the new catalog, and I open it up expecting to find a new insult to gaming, and find something refreshing:

This image costs about $8,000 if you want to buy everything in it.  Kids sold seperately.

Wow. Not only are those real game systems with the appropriate real game controllers on them (a 360 with a 360 controller sitting on top of it, and a Wii with a Wiimote/nunchuck combo sitting on top of it), but the kid is actually playing a barely relevant Wii game with a Wiimote. Bonus points: her arm motion is appropriate for what is on screen.

The got everything right.*

My god, what is the world coming to, when I can’t laugh at Pottery Barn?

*Even the fact that yuppie parents wouldn’t buy a PS3 amirite??? OH SNAP I WENT THERE.

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