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by Steve Bowler on March 28, 2008 · 2 comments

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Okay, so the Daily Mail’s review of violent video games might be the most laughable tripe that side of the pond, but oh sweet zombie jebus, their photoshop skills are worse. They ran this image of Anne Diamond, their “expert” on violent video games (can you hear my eyes rolling?), which on the surface just looks odd:

Good lord is this a crappy image.

I decided to pull it into photoshop and figure out just what was going on, because I couldn’t tell if they botched photoshopping the games into her hands, or something worse. Turns out it was something worse.

Check out this enlarged version:

Oh man, clone stamp ABUSE

I can only guess that they decided she wasn’t visible enough behind the games (which are in the original picture), so they had someone photoshop more of her into the picture. At point A, they have done a decent enough job of using the clone tool to shop in her collar and her right shoulder behind what should have been Dead Rising, but forgot to shop in the seam of her coat (visible on her right shoulder). But more to the point, one has to wonder why you would bother even using that photo and photoshoping part of the game away so it looks like she’s a two dimensional piece of paper cutting halfway into another two dimensional flat plane of Dead Rising.

Then, at point B, they’ve done an even sloppier job of attempting to use the clone tool to shop away the top half of the fan of games in her left hand (looks like Jericho, Halo3, Resident Evil 4 and CoD4), but did such a lazy job they left in the jagged line from their half-baked attempt. Again, one has to wonder why you would bother doing that, when the stack of games in her hands no longer resembles a stack of games.

My guess is that they screwed up and printed the half-finished version of what was supposed to be a bio/headshot picture of her for an editors/author’s page, where it would look like this (I even took the liberty of shopping out the rest of Dead Rising in the corner there for her):

Yeah, I wouldn't have used this as a head shot, either.

I mean, the only other explanation is that they’re just horrible at their jobs.

Oh, wait.


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