FYI, This is Not a Spy

by Steve Bowler on June 1, 2009 · 5 comments

in general,nitpicking

I couldn’t resist.  The Spy’s new hat just had me laughing at its awesomeness, and thinking about the “FYI, I am a Spy” sprays that originally started popping up when TF2 first came out.

Every so often I just geek out on nerd culture + art culture, and this is the result.  If you don’t get where this is from, it’s uh, an homage to Magritte.  I had fun making it.  Please have fun converting it into sprays folks.

Link to a big full quality version (the biggest I have, sorry, not really desktop sized).

And I pre-made the 256×256 version if you already have the Valve Texture Converter ap thingamajig (I don’t).

Come on people, next time I’m backstabbed by a Spy I’d better see my spray up on the damn wall.  Let’s.  Have.  A go at it!