by Steve Bowler on November 9, 2008

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Kotaku re-linked here (well, in the way that only they can, by linking to themselves first) in a piece about some awesome artwork Makani drew for the TF2 announcer (seen above), and it made me realize I’ve been remiss in my hosting duties in not pointing out her work awhile ago.  I first started following Makani on Live Journal when I saw her Harry Potter genius fanart linked in a friend’s LJ, and since I had been reading it forever, I didn’t think anything of it when she started playing TF2 and started putting her TF2 fanarts up in her journal.  She also does a lot of fun stuff with Gordon Freeman and company.

So anyway, I’ve been following her artwork for awhile, and I have to say that I’m insanely jealous/enamored of her craft.  Her poses are always amazing at expressing what the character is feeling/thinking/emoting, and her style is really reminiscent of some of the glory days of Disney design.  She really deserves to be working at Pixar or Disney doing some character layout for scenes.

At any rate, I’ve already said it in my twitter feed, but as much as I give Kotaku shit, I’m honored beyond words that my artwork was even mentioned in passing in a link pointing out her amazing talent.

If you don’t already follow her artwork, be sure to swing by her Live Journal, her Deviant Art feed, her gut busting hilarious and hilariously named Harry Potter fanart website, or her equally hilariously named personal website.

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