For all Your Sam Fisher Needs

by Steve Bowler on November 1, 2008

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Okay, I had no idea these things have been on the market since at least August of this year, but holy jeebs if I had known about them I would have gone as Sam Fisher for halloween.  An adult even modelled them on the news toy segment I was watching and they are as close as we’re going to get to the Splinter Cell look south of spending more than $100 to obtain it (or painstakingly making it yourself).

What’s interesting to note, is that if you do a search on kid’s night vision goggles, nobody else is making them look like the Splinter Cell ones.  They’re all binoculars, or glasses with lights attached, or some other not Sam Fisher looking things.  It’s almost as if Jakks Pacific (the makers of these things) specifically targeted the video-game mythos of what night vision goggles should look like.

And I have to say that it was a very, very good business move on their part.

Because I now want a set.

Picture below of a kid wearing them shamelessly stolen from Geek Dad’s Flikr page.

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