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by Steve Bowler on October 28, 2008 · 1 comment

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Well, Guitar Hero: World Tour is out, and hoo lawday, are the reviews all over the place for it.  I don’t normally put a lot of stock in reviews, but I do find it interesting to read into the disparity of them all.

It appears, for the most part, that GH:WT is for the “gamer” who wants to play a rhythm game, and Rock Band 2 caters more towards a musician’s fantasy of actually being in a Rock Band.  Sure, I’m reading into the reviews a bit to get this, but it’s interesting to note that the people who seem to think Rock Band 2 is on top claim that the note charting is superior in Rock Band, whereas others who claim Harmonix has to play catchup with GH:WT site mostly the features and geegaws of the GH title.

/shrug.  Either way, gamers win here.  You’ve got your choice:  Do you like challenging note charting which doesn’t necessarily reflect the notes being played?  Or do you want something that makes you look and sound more like an artiste?  There’s no reason to take sides, really.  Some folks prefer dark chocolate, some like milk chocolate.  The super rich elite can have both if they really need it.

But don’t just take my or the reviewers’ words for it.  You can check out the note charting comparisons for yourself that has taken the (painstaking?) time to put together.  While in many cases the chartings are very similar, I think the discrepancies can best be seen in the solos or in the more artful hammering on/off sections.

Oh, great, now I have to buy GH:WT.  It’s got Hot for Teacher in it.  

Wait, nevermind.  Not a fan of the charting.

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