AWESOME Band is Awesome

by Steve Bowler on October 13, 2008 · 7 comments

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Way back when Rock Band (the first) came out, I saw that someone made some kickass G.I. Joe band-mates, and figured that I’d try and have some fun with the Create-A-Player myself.  After forcing myself to find inspiration (it hardly ever works), I kicked around the idea of making the ultimate band.  One so epic that no one in the history of the world could ever hope to usurp the full-on awesomeness of said band.

Who would I choose?  What band could hope to be so awesome that they would live on as the greatest Rock Band band of all time?

Why, this one, of course:

I couldn’t possibly make them in Rock Band one.  They wouldn’t work.  Mainly, Vader needed a cape of some kind, and preferably a mask that would work other than a bandanna across his face.  Also, there wasn’t a whole lot of CAP pieces that would work for Luke.  And so I gave up, and relegated myself to just rocking out.  But oh, hello, along comes Rock Band 2.  With capes.  And gas masks.  And a microphone that looks like a light saber.  Destiny was calling.  It wasn’t long (okay a month) before I remembered my original goal, so after my buddy suggested we make an awesome band to play when we get together to do Rock Band parties here in the basement, I realized I had to complete the mission.

I had to make…AWESOME.

And yes, I had to made a video (with my buddy’s help who figured out how to capture it and edit two versions of the same song together to make it look/sound as awesome as possible).  Now with no fret bars scrolling to mar the awesomeness!

Han probably turned out the best; his parts are the closest to the orignal character’s look.

Chewie easily turned out the worst.  At least he’s behind the drumkit, and with a “punk” attitude, he at least acts like Chewbacca.  He looks more like Sabertooth.  But eh, until Harmonix makes a sniper’s ghille suit, I’m hosed.

Darth turned out pretty good.  The German WWI helmet works better than the motorcycle helmet, only because it immediately registers as “evil.”  And who doesn’t love a Vader yelling “Nooooooo” in his solo pic?

Luke turned out better than I’d hoped.  I saw the poncho in the thrift shop, and realized that Luke wears a poncho in some scenes in A New Hope, so it would make sense for him to wear it (none of the other shirts in game are “untucked” and go to mid-thigh like Luke’s shirt does), but the pattern put me off.  As it turns out, if you set all the colors in his shirt to white, you get his desert poncho.  Victory!  It doesn’t hurt that you can buy a microphone that looks like a light saber, and set his moveset to “goth” (hello emo crybaby tashi station to pick up some power converters).

All in all, a halfway decent experiment that was a pretty fun diversion for my time.  I had a ton of fun making these things, with varying success.  But the real fun is watching them all rock out, thinking about how fun it is that I’m living out the Awesome image macro.

Playing Rock Band with AWESOME band might not be as awesome as that picture, but it’s damn close.