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I’m currently crunching at work right now, and my brain, it…it has no creativity left in it.  I suppose there’s an entire entry there, how a lack of personal time actually keeps inspiration at an extremely low level, but I’m too tired to write even that.  I’ve been pouring everything I’ve got into some crazy logic issues on the game I’m working on, and it’s eating every ounce of my brainpower while we push towards a milestone.  

I’ve got a few posts I’ve been meaning to write about, but I’ll sit here at the WordPress “Write Post” screen and just stare at a blank page so long that it actually gives up and autosaves the blank entry.

So if you’re one of those people who swings by the actual front page instead of reading the RSS feed, I apologize for the lack of fresh content.  I’m hoping to get something done tomorrow night for Monday morning that should make the wait worth it.

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