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by Steve Bowler on October 2, 2008 · 4 comments

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I should really be writing one of the two main design pieces I’ve been meaning to post about for the past two weeks.  I should also be playing Mercenaries 2 which I brought home from the work/team library to play a bit to see how they’re handling user chosen missions, and just in general enjoying blowing the crap out of their fun little microverse.

But what am I doing?  Am I doing anything really all that productive with my time?  Am I working on my side-game that I’m developing for my own personal enjoyment?

No, I’m playing the latest Whiteboard Tower Defense game.

Because after a day of meetings and then having to view student portfolios all night, sometimes it’s just nice to turn your brain off and mow down creeps ’till…oh god it’s late.


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