A Little Bionic Commando Fanart: Haley

by Steve Bowler on August 16, 2008 · 1 comment

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I’m just past the halfway mark in BC: Rearmed, and I’m having a blast.  I can’t remember if Haley (the chopper pilot) was a character in the original game or not.  I remember the helicopter, but I don’t remember a character piloting it.  At any rate, I’ve fallen in love with the character.  The art for the conversation sprites are just gorgeous, and hers is especially nice.  I love her “HAY” everytime she has something to say to you.  Her name might as well be HAYley.

So I worked on a tribute today while watching the Olympics.  I figured I’d draw her from behind since she’s always looking over her shoulder to talk to you, anyway.  Here’s to you, Haley.  May you join the hall of fame of the esteemed female nag characters who like to yell at you inbetween missions.


And yes, the misspelling is intentional.

Larger version after the cut (closer to the size she was drawn at).

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