Serialized Bionic Commando Retro Code?

by Steve Bowler on August 15, 2008

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I noticed that between the 360 at work, and mine here at home, that the unlock code you get when buying Rearmed for the “BC Retro Skin” for the full Bionic Commando 360 game is different on the two different machines.

The code at work is painfully simple, like, L, U, B, A, Y, Start.

The code at home is three lines long and has about twenty different inputs (ending in Start).

Is the code serialized so that you must have purchased Rearmed if you want the Rearmed (original) Bionic Commando in the full title?  If so, that’s kinda neat.  I mean, kinda lame that you can’t play as the guy you want to play without having to buy both games, but still, kinda neat that the code seems to be serialized to the hardware that both games will be played on.

Also, why did I get the code that’s frickin’ three lines long???!??  I’ll never get that input directly.

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