Weighty Fail

by Steve Bowler on July 29, 2008 · 3 comments

in comedy,general

Oh, Kotaku, how I love it when you try and be intellectual.  To be fair, I love Leigh’s and Maggie’s think pieces (they’re the most intellectual editors they have), but Kotaku’s demo is just so overly fan-boy driven that their advertising (and commenters) tend to undercut any attempt at seriousness with a healthy dose of Shadenfreude.

So it came as no surprise to me, when reading Leigh’s discussion of the “controversy” over Fat Princess, that their own advertising campaign made a mockery of them.

The first screenshot (above) shows the very first ad that popped up when I opened the article to read it.  The second screengrab (after the cut) was on my co-worker’s screen when he opened the link in the email I sent him.  I swear, I didn’t have to fish for these.

I normally don’t like to point fingers and laugh at websites (it’s a fairly pointless troll-like endeavor), but I’m sorry, this is just hilarious.  Also, I like my daily dose of FAIL anyway.

For the record, I like Leigh’s take on her personal blog Sexy Videogameland better, anyway.