Still Alive: Missing the Point

by Steve Bowler on July 20, 2008 · 8 comments

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I just read that the Still Alive map pack (which evidently has been available free this whole time for PC) that is due to be released for Portal on the consoles is going to be missing the voice of GLaDOS.  I recall when I learned a map pack was coming being super excited for a “sequel” of sorts to the main game, but now that I’ve heard GLaDOS won’t be voicing the levels, I feel it’s a big let-down.

Portal isn’t just about puzzles, as I’ve already discussed at rediculous lengths.  Easily half (if not more than half) of the charm of the game comes from the mental puzzle of “what’s going on here?”

And with that missing from the map-pack addition, I just really don’t have any desire to pick it up and play it.  Would it be too difficult to record some new VO for them?  Even if there wasn’t any story?  Heck, rewind things and make it a prequel to Portal, what with you running a different course while there’s still plenty of ASL staff around.  We could see them getting in the way, and contradicting GLaDOS.  We could see just how inefficient they are compared to her.  Maybe we could live through the part where GLaDOS loses it and gasses the complex or something.

For me, playing Portal without GLaDOS is like peanut butter without the jelly.  I just won’t be participating in this one.  Sorry guys.


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