Yay, an ARG Visited!

by Steve Bowler on July 3, 2008 · 3 comments

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Got the strangest comment today, and although I’m remiss to give anyone free advertising, ARGs are technically games, and this is a game design site, so I figured I’d bite and throw this out there for folks to chew on.

The comment in question was posted by one “Gashel,” who uses the email addy gashelandjoan@rocketmail.com. The IP of the poster is: The body of the comment is as follows:

Terry. Yes you Terry Wagar. We know you are here. We know so much now.
This time we will succeed. No more games Terry. No more spying on Joan and I.
No poison this time, this time it will be quick and easy. Framing you as a pedo
was small compared to what we have planned.

Interestingly cryptic. And contains shocking allegations! There was no commenter who went by the name “Terry” in the post the comment is on, so I googled the name, and found a few interesting tidbits about an individual named “Terry Wagar.” Mostly people asking the same questions like “who is this guy” and “wtf is this all about,” and probably correctly suspecting it’s an ARG. So I decided to google the entire body of the comment, and found it commented in its entirety here.

The origination of the whole “conspiracy” is evidently in a comment by “Terry Wagar” himself on a blog about a Best Buy Geek Squad letter (and makes no sense) here. The comment is completely out of place considering the context of the entry in question.

So it’s probably an ARG for some movie or something. Anyone know anything more about it? I’m notoriously bad at chasing down/following ARGs, but I’m honored that I run a website that had a popular enough entry to trick the bot/agent for the ARG to post here.

And, you know, I can’t resist commenting on the irony of a game posting a comment on a blog about game design.


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