It Takes Two…to Demo?

by Steve Bowler on April 23, 2008 · 3 comments

in co-op,design

I just tried the Army of 2 demo tonight, and I have to say that I think that while making a game all about co-op play was an incredibly great idea, making a demo that must be played with another human being was a colossal mistake.

I just wanted to get a taste of the gameplay, and there are obviously other bots in the game which are driven by AI, so would it have killed them to allow me to play the game alone?

Because as I suspected, the other guy dropped out halfway through the demo (or I guess halfway through the demo, I wouldn’t know, I never finished it), forcing me to start it over again. Which just isn’t going to happen.

Regardless of how the actual game plays (are you forced to play co-op the entire game? Or can you play with a bot as your partner?), making a demo that is contingent on another human’s participation isn’t exactly a recipe for sales. Now my experience based off of the demo is to assume that the game must be played via co-op or it can’t be played at all, because that’s exactly how the demo plays.


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