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by Steve Bowler on February 29, 2008 · 2 comments

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Now that we’ve made it through a very decent chunk of the World Tour mode, there’s two things about Rock Band that have been bothering me of late.

The first is that we can’t pick our AI band mates.  Sure, they’re just filler; they don’t really matter, but after we’ve worked on coming up with unique outfits to make ourselves look just the way we want (alternagothish), why on earth would we want someone who looks like they’re a cross between John Lennon and a Slack Jawed Yokel? Or worse, some Beyond Thunderdome reject with a mohawk and a spiked armored shouldermapad?

Would it be that hard to allow us to permanently create a couple of band mates for bass and drums who we enjoyed seeing and matched our band’s look?  Honestly, photo ops are an embarrassment when Cletus and Ulrick are hogging the limelight, and I can’t concentrate when we’re paired up with the Lumberjack, either.

The second is that I can’t seem to really leverage my DLC.  I’ve downloaded about half of the songs available since launch, so there’s quite a few, and the only time they really come up is on a random setlist, and even then, I’m not sure if I’m imagining that or not.  I’m starting to wonder when I’ll actually get to play these songs other than just playing them one at a time in the Quickplay mode.  One of the things discussed in the Accessibility in Gaming talk was allowing the player to do what they want with the software, and what I want is to play my DLC in World Tour mode.

I don’t care if it’s a custom set of cities that only have DLC stuff put into setlists, or if it’s a setting that allows me to make sure that my DLC is put into existing setlists, or what.  But I’m getting kinda tired of seeing the same old song come up at least twice in the same club in the same city.  Especially when it’s songs I don’t even want to play.  I understand they’ve got a game to make here, but Rock Band is so not a game.  I just want to play fun gigs for points (on expert, for a bit of a challenge), and I guarantee you the crowd in London really doesn’t want to hear Train Kept a Rollin’ or Green Grass and High Tides.  I sure as hell know they don’t want to hear them twice.  I’d at least like to imagine they might want to hear the new Nine Inch Nails pack I just downloaded, or maybe a few of the songs I enjoy playing.

The bottom line is I would actually enjoy the game more if I could choose the long setlists myself rather than be forced to endure more southern rock for the 80th time.

We’re going back and replaying a bunch of stuff we played when we started the game on a slightly lower difficulty setting rather than tackling the piles of crap awaiting us that we honestly couldn’t care less about, and all the while my DLC sits unloved and unsung.

Could you guys hook your fans up with their DLC in World Mode, Harmonix?  Please?

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