GDC 2008, Day 2

by Steve Bowler on February 19, 2008 · 3 comments

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More Game Design Workshop tutorials! 

I came up with a 2/3/4 player version of the Three Musketeers that I felt was a better game than the original, but our table was really focused on the fiction vs. the fun (seriously, fiction in a paper board/poker chip game is more important than fun?), so my idea got punted on and we went with the other one which followed the traditional and flawed model.  Sour grapes, maybe, but I figured group learning was more important than arguing, so I didn’t fight when I got voted down.  Besides, I’ll post it here next week when I’ve got more time to draw it up.

The other really great and inspirational take-away excercise today was Steve Lebrande’s making card games out of classic video games workshop elective.  Our table focused on a driving game and got too bogged down debating how it would play out rather than actually playing it, so we failed almost last.  At least another table failed worse than us, not that there’s any prizes for first/last place when it comes to failing.

But what I really wanted to do was make a Street Fighter card game.  I know one’s already been done professionally, but hey, I wanted to make my own, quickly, at the table.  I might still give it a whirl when I get back to work.  I guess some game designers make games instead of play them over their lunch hours.

Maybe I need to start doing some of that.


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