Catching My Drift

by Steve Bowler on January 28, 2008 · 1 comment

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Is it just me or are the motorcycles easier to control than the cars in PGR4?  I’m playing through it this week while I toy around with the idea of doing a feature for it, and I’m finding I’m enjoying drifting on the bikes (and really, just the bikes themselves) wayyyyyyy too much.

I remember playing PGR1 and 2 in the cars and never being able to drift all the way down a highway (zig zag back and forth while drifting), wondering how the hell everyone does it in the replays, and now here I am doing it on motorcycles in the rain like I was Gene Kelly.

Not to mention the fact that wheelies and endos just makes it that much easier to get kudos combos (and they’re fun).  It’s almost criminal how easy it can be to max out your kudos score (I never even knew you could hit a max.  Maybe you couldn’t in previous versions?).  One thing I’m wondering, though, is where the hell did all  the kudos solo cone races go?  Now there’s a cone sprint, but where the hell did the kudos matches go?  I can finally win one and they cut ‘em?!  Bah!

At least I haven’t hit the wall yet.  It seems like whenever the speed gets ramped way up in a PGR title, I hit a progression stopper and can’t continue.  This Gotham Campaign mode seems to have figured out how to get around that by offering multiple grade races at every challenge, which is nice.  If there’s a ton of straight-away style high speed races and I can’t qualify to get in an A bracket (with the fast bikes), I just stay away from ‘em since you can’t win a speed race on a non street-bike.  I avoid the snow ones like the plague, as well.

Because, y’know, I drive enough on that shit as it is.

But seriously, I think they may have made the bikes too fun.  Let’s review.  Stunts on bikes:

  1. Drift
  2. Modified Drift (press B while drifting)
  3. Wheelie
  4. Modified Wheelie (press B while wheelie…ing)
  5. Endo
  6. Modified Endo (press B while doing an endo)
  7. Burnout
  8. Air

Stunts in cars:

  1. Drift (broken up into braking drift, handbrake drift, powerslide, but they’re all the same)
  2. Two Wheels
  3. Burnout
  4. Air

Which one would you rather play?

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