Keeping it Simple

by Steve Bowler on January 21, 2008

in user interface

I saw this today at geekologie, and instantly thought “what an awesome interface.”

So often we as humans inadvertantly overexplain things while putting so much effort into making sure we’re communicating effectively that we wind up muddying everything up, and create information overload. This beatbox (while too simple for my tastes; I need to work in 16th notes, not just quarter notes) is perfectly simple. No need to even label what each track is; any user will enjoyably drop a single ball bearing in a slot and hear what the track is.

They’ve made the interface so elegant that it’s inviting to experimentation, and the experimentation is actually the instructional tutorial.

I’ve often wondered if someone could make a game just designed around user interface. Take preconceived notions about menus and turn them on their ear. Make navigating the menu fun and the actual game experience. I imagine this kind of interface is a step in the right direction.

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