Feature Request: Gaming Merit Badges

by Steve Bowler on January 14, 2008

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Now that Live allows you to look at your friends’ friends, and I’ve got a couple of decent achievements under my belt, I’ve been wondering what other folks’ achievements are, and pouring through their profiles seeing what they’ve played when I’m not actively gaming on the system.

The profiles themselves are nice and handy, what with how they display the last four achievements they’ve nabbed, but the problem is that’s only an indication of what they’ve been playing recently, not really what kind of gamer they are. For that, all anyone really has is the “Pro/Recreation” setting on their profile, and that is possibly one of the most useless profile features of all, as none of them are taken even remotely seriously.

What I’d love to see is a profile customization bar which replaces what their recent achievements are with their favorite achievements. Let gamers select from their library of achievements and put up their four best/favorite for everyone to see. That would be a better indication of personalization-at-a-glance. Oh, you’ve completed Halo3 on Legendary I see? Very nice. Hey, I see this individual mastered GHIII on Expert! Whoah, this dude is a Platinum Rock Band player? Excelsior!

Who wouldn’t have fun selecting their four favorite achievements and showing everyone who bothers poking around a friend’s list?

*Apologies to everyone I stole from to make that image. The Tri-force one is mine however. And I don’t want any lip about the PS logo in there. There’s also an Atari joystick and a Nintendo only game in there.

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