by Steve Bowler on January 7, 2008 · 1 comment

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Okay, holy mother of pearl, whose idea was it to put Green Grass and High Tides or whatever it’s called as the final song for Rock Band’s solo Guitar tour on Expert?

The entire game has been a seriously entertaining and enjoyable/refreshing breeze from the grueling finger-cramp that is GHIII with some entertaining challenges and solos here and there, and then, BAM, there’s a ten minute long song with two pain in the ass guitar wanking solos that are like 3 minutes long each. I practiced the second solo for about twenty minutes, and still I fail the song at the 80% mark, despite nailing Solo2H-M (the 80% mark hits right around Solo2H) in the mid 80’s.

I’d really like to beat this song so I can finally finish a guitar game on Expert, and have the achievements actually reflect my time in the game. I’m no achievement whore; far from it, I could care less about racking up achievement points. It’s just when people see what I’ve accomplished in this game on my gamertag, it is far from the actual.

64/65 songs completed, I remain.

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