(Save Me) Sweet Zombie Jesus

by Steve Bowler on December 31, 2007

in co-op

The lady and I just got through a 10 song set in Rock Band, on Expert Guitar and Microphone, and barely survived Enter Sandman and Highway Star (the last two songs in the set) by the skin of our teeth.  At one point, I had to save her on Highway Star; we were scraping by.

The beauty of the game and the mechanic is that I wasn’t even remotely angry.  It felt good to save the singer and bail her out.  I just love how it challenges you:  we normally don’t sing on Expert, but if we play on easier settings, we won’t get any more fans (we’re over 600,000 now), so we practiced Sandman and Highway Star before going into the set.  There was so much pressure riding on those last two songs (we had been playing this set for forty minutes; failure now meant going to bed without making any progress at all), and we did it.

When was the last time you were playing a multiplayer game with forty minutes of progress on the line and your buddy failed and you were happy to bail them out?  Seriously, this game is going to change the face of how all other co-op games are made.

I’m ready to start playing it in bars now.  Who’s hosting?

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