by Steve Bowler on December 20, 2007

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If you have friends who play traditional rock instruments, you might have been party to a lot of this kind of behavior.  Ostensibly, there is a belief held that Rock Band and Guitar Hero is somehow “not real” like playing a “real” instrument is.  I for one find that laughable, as no doubt many other gamers do.  I’ve played a musical instrument for eight years straight.  Even went to music camp.  On a full ride scholarship.  Three times.  So I think I know a thing or two about what playing a real instrument is like.

But the main point is that even while it can be said that the GH or RB guitars aren’t anything like playing a “real” instrument, I think it can be said that you are playing a musical instrument.

And it would appear that Guitar Center agrees with this assessment.

You can buy Guitar Hero III at Guitar Center now folks.  If you’ve got buddies who angst over you having about as much fun with your “fake” guitar controller as they do with a real one, tell them you bought it at a guitar store.  Let them chew on that for a bit.

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