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by Steve Bowler on December 19, 2007

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A Lifetime to Master.

Look, playing games shouldn’t be needlessly complicated.

A lot of hardcore folks out there think that controls which the “casual player” can understand implies that there is not a lot of depth to them, and therefore no sustainable complexity with which to derive a “tournament” level of play.

It seems that the guys making StreetFighterIV disagree with that mentality, which is very very cool. We were playing some SFIII at work about a month ago, studying the counters and priorities and depth, and after determining that is near perfect if not a bit too deep (for our needs), have recently graduated to a little bit of Capcom vs. SNK. At first I was enjoying CvSNK more, because there were more moves for the SF guys, and a lot more characters and styles to choose from. After awhile I realized that the game was trying to be too much for too many people; it was so complicated and overpowered that it started to look like your average Mugen match. Then someone discovered the “roll” feature, which was the straw that broke the camel’s back. It became way overcomplicated, and imbalanced.

So as much as I’m not liking the 3D aspect of SFIV, Capcom, please keep the controls simple like the old SFII days, with even easier to pull off specials and supers. Pretty please? The Evo Tournament crowd still plays SFIITurbo, so the controls obviously have a hardcore depth to them, despite being easy to pick up and play (and master) for the rest of us.

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